Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pig Diaries #2

In our city, there are dogs.
And there are pigs.
They do not like each other.
Everything below (mostly) is based on personal observation.

March 26 - The winter months are harsh on both pig- and dog-kind. For the past many months, the drove has been taking shelter in the human protection areas. I’ve noticed that the humans don’t care for those misbegotten dogs in the same way. Again, we are chosen as the superior creatures.

April 2 - We finally celebrated the coming of spring this month. We rejoiced in the streets surrounding a large group of buildings where the humans reside. Their trash bins are excellent sources of party food for the drove as we celebrate the changing of the seasons.

April 5 – Following our multi-day spring celebration, I have assigned shifts to different drove members for scouting expeditions. I must always ensure the safety of the drove.

April 6 – Gordy took the scouting shift this morning and returned with disgusting, albeit favorable news. He reported seeing only one dog during his shift. The dog didn’t give him any trouble or pay him any attention. This dog was preoccupied eating a dead member of his own pack. Say what you will about us pigs, but we would never resort to cannibalism.

April 15 – The dogs don’t seem to have organized into packs since the winter. Our safety is still intact on that front. However, the coming of spring brings violent winds that threaten to blow our houses down in a huffy puffy manner. The humans work to fortify the shelter to prepare for the incoming piglets.

April 19 – Our first encounter with a pack occurred today. Wilbur, one of our lesser intelligent drove members, was making the rounds and found himself in dog territory. Since we had no intel on pack activity, these territories were unknown until today. Wilbur was hassled by the leader of the small four-pack. With the support of the pack, the lead dog forced Wilbur to cross the street in front of oncoming traffic. Luckily for Wilbur, he made friends with a highly intelligent arachnid this winter who travels with him everywhere. Sitting atop his head, she quickly instructed him how to navigate the street and cross to safety. The pack didn’t chase Wilbur any further, but these displays of dominance will only get worse over time. When Wilbur arrived to make his report, he was sweating like…. well, he was sweating profusely. It took a long time to calm him down.

April 20 – After Wilbur’s incident yesterday, I am now assigning scout pairs. No pig will travel unaccompanied. Some of the drove say this is pigheaded, but sometimes, they just don’t understand the importance of safety. I can only hope they heed my advice so there are no accidents. 

-Napoleon, Head Pig (aka Sally)

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