Monday, April 4, 2016

Chinggis Town’s Best Breakfast Sandwich

Early in our service, Sally and I started eating this breakfast sandwich every morning. For 7 months we have had it almost every morning with a few regretted deviations. Why do we like it so much? Perhaps, it feels like a little bit like home and lacks Mongolian flavors.
·        Bread
·        Mayo—I use the UB brand in small jar
·        Mustard—Usually try to use the German brand
·        Sausage—Венкая is a great brand of хиам that lacks some of the taste of traditional Монгол хиам. This is also the one taste that would be difficult to create in the states.
·        Egg
·        Slice of cheese—Happy cow brand is good
·        Onion, pickles (German brand is good), cucumber if desired

How to make:

1.      Warm up a little oil in a frying pan.
2.      Slice the bread. Coat bread evenly: one slice with mayonnaise, the other with mustard.
3.      Fry the sausage. Once fried, place on the mustard side of the bread and cover with the slice of cheese. (Sally likes onions on her cheese).
4.      Fry the egg to desired style with salt and pepper to taste.
5.      Place egg on top of the cheese. Cut the sandwich in half for better taste.
6.      Eat while warm! Or save half for later!

For a more summer/spring taste, I slice cucumber and pickle and layer on the sandwich in this order: mustard, cucumber, sausage, cheese, egg, pickle, mayonnaise. 

Sally and I have fed a number of PCVs with this deliciously filling sandwich. The consensus is unanimously in favor as best breakfast in Chinggis. The sandwich is quite filling so it allows one to get through the morning without being hungry.  

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