Monday, July 3, 2017

Temuujin English Camp

Upon returning from the Gobi, we didn’t even have a day’s rest before we started our next adventure. For several months my English teachers and I have been planning a week long day camp for middle school students at my school. I am proud to say that with their cooperation and the help of my fellow PCVs, it turned out to be the most successful project of my service, and the students had a great time. We had a total of 26 students from grades 5-8th that attended. Three of my Temuujin English Teachers helped, and five PCVs.

The camp was broken into three hours of English lessons in the morning and three hours of fun activities in the afternoon. For the morning lessons, we broke the students into three separate classes based on skill level. The English lesson plans were mostly created by my English teachers who had worked on this in preparation for the camp. In the afternoon, the students were divided into three random teams. The purpose of the afternoon groups was to encourage team building and cooperation among peers. We had cheer, flag, and various relay competitions. Afternoon activities throughout the week included a team-building round-robin, health round-robin, life skills, relay competitions, a movie, and a trip to the river.  On the afternoon of the last day, we had an award ceremony where we awarded various teams and individuals candy and certificates. Everyone got an award.
At the end of each relay the wining team got to dose the losing team in water

Life Skill's Class

Feebee teaching "Head Shoulder Knees and Toes"

Group game of Dog House 

Watching the relay competition

City walk-a-bout, visiting various workplaces and acting like workers for a picture

Water cup relay, first team to fill the jar in the back wins

Playing in the river

Dylan playing the group game "Honey, I love you. Won't you smile for me?"

Sally and Dylan making teaching stress management with paper fortune tellers

Sally teaching health facts

Tommy teaching a morning English class 

Best flag goes to team "New Delta!!" 

Camp picture with awards 

 Our great teachers!! 

Overall it was a great camp. The best I’ve done in Mongolia. Attendance was 100% the whole time which is a bit of a miracle for a day-camp here. It was also a lot of work. At the end of the day, we would return to the apartment exhausted, but it was worth it.


P.S. Happy Fourth of July!! We are grilling out on Kyra’s stove with our Khentii volunteers. Soon the goodbyes will start and it will be a long time before we see some of these great people again. 

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