Thursday, July 28, 2016

Khan Khentii Complex School's English Room Revitalization

Hi Everyone,

I have shared this grant via Facebook, and now I want to share it with those of you who may not have seen it.

A few of the students that would benefit from your donation!
Link to the project on the Peace Corps website:

Over the past several months, my English teachers and I have been working hard in the planning stages towards a project that will revitalize our school's English room. Currently, our English room needs a lot of help. The floor is old and coming apart. There aren't that many books, and the ones we have are waaaaay too advanced for our students. The desks and chairs are old and broken, and the few books we have don't have enough room on the one tiny bookshelf.

This grant will allow us to purchase new tables, chairs, flooring, and bookshelves, as well as buy equipment needed for multi-media educational resources.

With the new room, we will host English clubs 3-5 times a week, schedule tutoring hours, reading time, and put a check-out system in place to encourage students to further their English education through literature.

Not only will this benefit the students, but it will motivate the English teachers to push harder and offer more opportunities to the school and students.

Here they are again, singing a counting song in English. 
Please consider making a donation to this project. The overall goal is just under $2450, and we will not receive any funding unless the full goal is reached. The school and community have contributed about 25% of this goal ($675) through donations and in-kind services. As I type this now (July 22 at 7pm Mongolia time), $1,225 has been raised, which is half the overall goal!

Thank you to those who have already donated. Please know that even the smallest amount makes a difference. American dollars go a long way here. Any little bit helps us get closer to our goal!

Here's the link again:

Please share! Tell your friends and family! Sometimes, it's so difficult to figure out if your donation will go to a good cause, especially overseas, but I am in the thick of it, and this is a true need for this community.

I look forward to posting a before and after blog post of our room once we move forward!!! Thank you for your support!


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