Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Last Day of School (8/7/15)

Today we had our final Mongolian language class and final technical session at our little soum for PST. We are finished with language classes as a group. During final center days next week, we will have lots more sessions about our sites, how to survive, medical stuff, etc.

Tomorrow, my site (Orkon Jims it is called, now that I can tell you) will have a host family appreciation day. All my sitemates and our families are going to the river to eat food and play games and generally appreciate one another. Then Sunday will be our last day at Orkon Jims (O.J.). Early Monday, we are headed to Darkhan for final center days.

 Our host family appreciation day at the river

It’s crazy that PST is almost over. Time has really flown by, surprisingly. O.J. has been a great place to be for PST, I couldn’t have asked for better sitemates. I am really looking forward to living with my husband again, so these last two days couldn’t go by fast enough.

Now, everyone is looking forward to site placements on Monday. There are four people that already know where they will be, in the far west where the people speak Khasik (sp?). They had their own session today in Darkhan for some crash course language learning. One of our sitemates, Alex, will be there, and he seems really excited. This is the aimag (region, kind of like a state) where the Eagle Festival takes place every year, so I most certainly hope that Caleb and I can visit while we’re in Mongolia.

I may have already mentioned this, but I think Caleb and I will be in an aimag center. I, at least, am hoping for a soum (small town), but since Caleb and I are two people within two different sectors, we might be more useful in a bigger place or a bigger school. I’m just hoping that I don’t have 13 counterparts to work with, like I’ve heard some of the current PCVs talk about. I’m really just ready to know where we’ll be. We’ll know in three days.

We’ll definitely update you when we find out. I don’t know why I’m saying this; the blog post with site placements may be posted on the same day as this one. But ANYWAYS, more later. Can’t wait to talk to you guys soon from Darkhan.


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