Thursday, May 14, 2015

Family Time

We have been jobless for a month now. Since we have not been working, we've been travelling the country and the state visiting our families. The first activity for my people was attending UAB's graduation ceremony to see Ms. Natasha L. Rogers get her Master's! (Congrats, Natasha!!!)

Spending several days at my dad and stepmother's house in Nectar, AL was super relaxing. Even though we had several Peace Corps related tasks to take care of, the springy green outdoors made it a very peaceful time. Caleb made friends with a large magnolia tree, which is where he spent a good majority of his time. Among other activities, Dad and I played a casting game with fishing poles, like horse.

 While we were there, we received our staging email from Peace Corps! We will be flying from Birmingham to San Francisco on May 26th. We will be in San Francisco for two days to go through some initial training, and then we leave early on May 29th to fly to Ulan Bator! Our flight will take us across the Pacific for 12 hours to Seoul, South Korea. From there, it's a 3-4 hour flight to Ulan Bator. We are less than two weeks away!

The first weekend of May, my stepsister, Claire, graduated from UA with her Master's in Library Sciences! Go Claire!!! She masterfully (hehehe) ducked out of the ceremony after getting her picture taken. After spending some time with her and family the day of her graduation, Caleb and I left that evening for Virginia. We spent a day with Caleb's uncles (which I will let him detail in his next post), but we also got to see my favorite band, Incubus, in concert!!!

Last week, we spent five days in Enterprise, AL with my mom, grandfather, and niece. My grandfather "Pops," was the first person in my family I've seen this month that we had to seriously say goodbye to. I will be seeing my mom, dad, stepmom, brother, aunt and uncle again before we leave, but this was the last time we would see Pops for 2+ years, which makes us leaving seem so much more real. We enjoyed hanging out with my mom and niece. My niece is 3 and 1/2 now, so she'll be almost 6 when we see her again. Wow! 

 From Enterprise, we went straight to Thomasville, AL, my hometown, to attend a friend's wedding. Satyn Luker is now Satyn Morris!!! Congrats, Satyn and Luke! At the wedding, we were able to spend some time with my bestest friend, Jessica. It was a very nice wedding!

That's all for now, folks! We are less than two weeks from departure and we are getting very excited!!!


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